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Who We Are

       from a dream to reality...       

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Welcome to Sparkle My Aroma! Here at Sparkle My Aroma, our mission is to promote on the go wellness crystal infused essential oil products. Each essential oil product is all natural and hand made! It is with these products that we strive to promote self-care and overall wellness. What is a better way to practice this than to have these unique products by your side to help you SPARKLE!

Each oil has been infused with crystals that share similar properties and enhance the aromatherapy properties of each oil. These products are to help guide you towards the healing and well being that you wish to achieve. 

Sparkle My Aroma crystal infused essential oil products are housed inside of shock proof amber glass bottles. These bottles were specifically chosen to protect the essential oils from UV light and to prevent the deterioration of the oils. 

Our products are great to pair with journaling, meditation, exercise, while you are working...any self-care practice is a great way to include these oils in your day. If you are feeling anxious, feeling down, feeling unfocused, or just need positive vibes throughout your day...there is a product for YOU!

Are You Ready to Sparkle?

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